Custom Ag Services

Hire Us to Do Your Harvesting

We know how much work it takes to give your land the expert care it deserves. Let RDO Equipment Africa do the work to make sure you harvest the best possible crop. It’s the perfect no-risk alternative to doing it all yourself.

You rest. We'll get to work.

  • Skip investing in tractors and equipment and the bank charges that come with big machinery
  • Steer clear of any repairs & maintenance
  • Take the headache out of harvesting

Additional services are coming soon:

  • Land prep
  • Fertilizer Application
  • Planting
  • Spraying


Custom Harvesting Consultation:

Need help prepping your land, harvesting your crops or maintaining a fleet of equipment? RDO Equipment Africa does that and would be happy talk with you about a solution that fits your business model and your budget. Request a quote here and we’ll reach out to gather more information and provide a recommendation that meets your needs.